Sell Your Listings for 5-10% Over Appraisal Fast Using Our One-Sheet Property Histories. Here’s How


Let me ask you a question:


If there was a way you could sell historic homes faster for higher return without any additional work, would you do it?


As an agent, you hear first-hand the same researched-backed reasons driving buyers to historic homes:


  1. Craftsmanship
  2. And the story behind the structure.


From WaPo covering ‘Millenials buying old houses through Instagram” to the Sasaki report stating 67% of historic district residents believe that home’s “story makes it important”- now is the time to leverage your connection to the historic home market.


That’s where we come in.


We help agents bring in higher offers and sell homes faster by giving them the most time-tested tool to making a successful sale: a story to tell.


And not just any story. The true story that gets your listings seen and shared. We give you details that captivate buyers and create powerful emotional connections that drive offers over asking price.


SJR Research Presents: One-Sheet Property Histories




(10) One-Sheet Property Histories $1,950


(20) One-Sheet Property Histories $3,315 (15% Discount)


(30) One-Sheet Property Histories $4,680 (20% Discount)

Real Estate History One-Sheets

What is a One-Sheet Property History?


It’s how you make your next historic listing unforgettable. How? By highlighting the emotional details buyers look for and love. Every one-sheet is carefully curated by our experts to highlight the bestselling details behind your property, like:


  • Build Date, Unique Construction Features
  • Notable Owners or Guests
  • Connections to Historic Events
  • Historic Photographs
  • And more


Our One-Sheet Property Histories come pre-formatted for open house printing and can be easily added to any digital listing. And with SJR Research’s 3 day turnaround, you can get your client’s property in front of buyers fast.


Full Real Estate Report


Selling a major historical gem with a cinema-worthy story? Add white-glove service to your listing with our expansive Real Estate Report.


Our team will put together a 10-15 page PDF with a brief summary of your home’s history, a listing of past owners from construction to present, archival photos (if available), and interesting facts to draw in potential buyers.


Add color to your listing with a story only you can tell for a flat fee of $500.


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Need bulk pricing? Have an unusual property to sell? Talk to our team! We’d love to put history to work for you!