Provenance Research

Ever wonder who actually wrote that document in your family's files? Working hard to discover a bit of history about an artifact in your town's archives or in your family's history? We can help.

It can often take a bit of detective work to learn more about the items that are important to you, but through the research and discovery processes, it is possible to learn the real story behind that piece or text. We have the experience necessary to look carefully at your artifacts or text and take the little clues inside to the next level.

Whether you want to show off a picture at your next family reunion complete with background information or you need to make a presentation to your organization about an important artifact, we'll be happy to tackle the research work necessary to ensure you have the full story at every turn.

At the end of the process, you'll get a complete report on our findings so you can finally put your own historical mysteries to rest. No project is too obscure or too small. Take the time to learn a bit more history on a very personal level. Contact us today for a free quote and project overview.

Samantha is excellent, professional, reliable and most helpful. She uncovered things I never knew existed and did it so quickly and clearly. She was a true find!
Jerome Ohio