House/Property Research

Every old home has a story, and whether you live in the farmhouse your great-grandfather built or you've just had the chance to purchase a historic home in your area, handling the research on a home or property can be very rewarding. You can learn valuable connections between your home and other homes in your area. There's even a chance you could uncover something exciting about your own family history in the process.

Our research services include:

  • A detailed overview of your neighborhood based on the information learned from the research of your home and nearby buildings.
  • Data charts to help you see the true history of your home and who lived there. We'll help you learn more about when the previous residents of your home moved in, when and where they were married, and even where they were born and the details surrounding their deaths.
  • News clippings that contain newspaper and magazine articles as well as obituaries of those who lived in your home.
  • Where available, archival photos of your house, those who may have lived in it, or the neighborhood itself. The cost of photos does vary depending on their level of accessibility, and it is charged in addition to the basic research fees.

Give your home or property more than antique charm. Uncover its stunning past by contacting us today!