Project Management/Consultation

Love tackling your own genealogy work, but you've hit a snag? Interested in developing a family tree, but you could use a bit of advice or a few pointers? Our Project Management and Consultation services are the ideal way to meet your needs.

An Expert Eye . . .

We love to help people who already understand how the process of genealogy research works, and just need a bit of insight here and there; we're happy to help. From beginner education to helping you develop in-depth research plans and deal with "brick-wall" type research issues, SJR Research will work right by your side. We can scan and digitize original documents, develop and organize a filing system to meet your needs, build a database or convert your current files, and even help you understand the best genealogy software titles on the market today.

We even offer a range of lecture services and small group workshops on the topics that would be most helpful to you. Our past titles include: Beginning Research/Organizing Family History, Researching Primary Records, and Computer Searching and Genealogy.

Don't Worry! We'll Come To You

Grab your quilting circle, several family members, or your book club and set a date. We'll come out and chat about the subject you choose. We'll even be happy to speak at your next business event.

No matter what your history research needs may be, we'll be happy to give you a quote on any project. Contact us now for more information.