Casualty/POW Research

Often the news came in the form of a letter or a telegram. A simple "We regret to inform you . . ." is what many families have left, but there's so much more information out there. Let us help you learn more about the casualties and prisoners of war (POWs) in your family.

Extensive Search Services

We offer complete search services through military records on any U.S. veterans from any branch of service who were killed, missing, or held prisoner during World War II or the Korean War. No matter where the death occurred, we'll help you learn more about what really happened. From mishaps during training accidents stateside to soldiers who went missing during some of the most famous battles, we'll devote our research resources to learning more about the story behind the event.

Get a Better Picture

In some cases, we can find the full documentation on the death or circumstances of the disappearance of your veteran. Sometimes, there are even eyewitness accounts in the files, and the details you'll find are nothing less than stunning if the records are available. Unit reports sometimes detail what occurred on the day your loved one died or went missing, which may provide important background information. Supplementary reports are also often available on each soldier.

With our help, you'll get a full summary of the records as well as copies of the records themselves when they're available.

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