Policy Makers: Business historian Alfred D. Chandler, Jr. once famously asked, “How can I know where I am going, when I don’t know where I have been?” Indeed, finding and implementing great research isn’t easy when making critical detail-driven policy decisions.




Because data is only part of the solution. Facts and figures alone won’t create the compelling narrative you need to support the life-altering policy decisions you champion. Remember, interpretation that clearly communicates to non-experts is key- and creating content like that means more than just listing numbers without any meaningful narrative.


Presenting data in a dry, static fashion won’t create engagement. You need the perfect balance of razor-sharp accuracy and meaningful interpretation to create change.


Interpreting and presenting the information correctly, precisely, and in an engaging matter is exactly what the team at SJR Research does for you. When you work with us you enjoy the comfort that comes from knowing your work will be supported by analysis-driven interpretation and presentation.


Further, General George S. Patton once said that “One continues to learn about war by practicing war.” He was right. As wargame specialists we also can create dynamic, true-to-life exercises with expert-level military analysis. We can help you use past military encounters to create hyper-real present-day encounters that test unit cohesiveness, stress-test your systems for future engagement, and challenge your team at the level they deserve.


So, how do the experts at SJR use National Defense Policy Research to help you bring the best to your next challenge?




We seamlessly integrate meticulous military history research into easy to understand, analysis-driven content that educates, communicates, and challenges your audience in the ways you want.


Facts and figures from military operations and campaigns are not enough. You can’t throw a list of names, units, organizations, places, and dates at non-experts and hope it works.


What you need is analysis and content that connects across different audiences, cultures, generational divides, and interests to engage people with magnetic messaging.


Interested? We can help.


Let our experts take care of:


  • Conducting the necessary historical research to craft a well-written analytical narrative or study concerning past campaigns or encounters- including how environmental, social, and other external factors can drastically change outcomes.
  • Organizing and interpreting your records, photos, maps, and textual materials to provide deep insight into the period, conflict, people, and equipment involved.
  • Creating a crisp narrative-style interpretation and analysis of our research that preserves and presents your military history while laying the foundation for future planning and policy-making.


You need research and interpretation.


But don’t just take our word for it. Schedule a free consult call where our experts will walk you through the process, explain to you how our approach will integrate with your strategy, and outline how we create content that drives high-level engagement- no matter your project scope.


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