Military Research

Military conflicts have shaped the course of our history, and while some have been focused on a small piece of land, others have literally dealt with the fate of the world. From the founding of our nation to the most recent parts of our history, wars and other military conflicts have been omnipresent, and most people have at least one male relative who served in the military. Accessing those records can not only be a genealogical gold mine, but they can also help to prove military service in order to obtain various benefits or to gain admission into a patriotic society.

It Affects All Of Us

Not a generation has gone by that military activity or war hasn't been part of our history, and even history books often classify the US and its development from war to war. For most, that means military records are essential to genealogy research, but getting access to those records can be tough both in the United States and throughout the world.

Fortunately, there is a better way - let us handle the task for you.

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In November of 2009, I received the results of a search conducted by Ms. Samantha Rife. This concerned a Union soldier-ancestor of my wife, Joyce. We had searched ourselves with no success. Samantha did the search in a short time and produced magnificent results. She found his name spelled in different ways in different records, and perhaps most importantly, discovered that he enlisted in a unit in a completely different state than that passed on by relatives. That was the clincher! Samantha provided all the necessary documentation and we couldn't have been more pleased. She does great work at a very reasonable price and in a very reasonable time frame. I will definitely use her again!
Roland Austin, Texas