Military Records are a Goldmine…But Getting Access is Tough.

Frustrated? There’s a Better Way-

Hire Our Team to Hit the Books.


Your family’s service members could be the key to unlocking your past.




No generation has been untouched by military activity or war. This means military records are a goldmine for genealogical research.


Here’s the problem:


Not all records are easy to access- or understand.


Grandma’s unreliable memory can send you in the wrong direction, handwritten records are riddled with misspelled surnames, and language barriers can bring your research to a dead stop.


Meanwhile, you sink hours into research without finding what you need.


The solution?


Let our team do the heavy lifting.


We specialize in:


Pre-WWI Engagements: Looking for an ancestor in the Civil War? Or how about The French and Indian War? We search muster rolls (militia lists), unit records, pension records, and bounty land warrants dating back to 1565.

Reconstructing WWI, WW2, and Korean Service Records: In 1973, a horrific fire destroyed over 75% of Army and Army Air Corps records from 1912 to 1973. But there are still records left! Plus, extensive reconstruction continues to this day. If anyone can locate lost military files, it’s our team.

Casualty/POW Research: The news came as a brief letter…and left so many questions unanswered.


Fortunately, there is so much more.


We search all records to find both primary and ancillary information on your loved one’s death or disappearance. This means supplemental and unit reports that detail what happened on the day your loved one went missing- and even eyewitness accounts of what happened.


Let us help you find the missing pieces in your family’s story.


International Military Record Research: Adding a second language on top of a complicated records search? You need a team with both sleuthing skills- and translation services.


We go beyond US military records and search foreign emigration records, muster sheets, and local history. Imagine the wealth of information you can bring to your family’s genealogy with our team behind you!


Veteran Research for Memorials: Is your organization giving back by creating a memorial to those who gave their lives for freedom?


We want to help.


We can make sure your memorial celebrates the service of those who have served our country. We aid local chambers of commerce, alumni associations, service clubs, and more through accurate veteran research.


Do you need detailed and accurate military research?


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In November of 2009, I received the results of a search conducted by Ms. Samantha Rife. This concerned a Union soldier-ancestor of my wife, Joyce. We had searched ourselves with no success. Samantha did the search in a short time and produced magnificent results. She found his name spelled in different ways in different records, and perhaps most importantly, discovered that he enlisted in a unit in a completely different state than that passed on by relatives. That was the clincher! Samantha provided all the necessary documentation and we couldn’t have been more pleased. She does great work at a very reasonable price and in a very reasonable time frame. I will definitely use her again!

ROLAND Austin, Texas