Veteran research for organizational/community memorials

Because they gave so much . . .

Honoring the courage and sacrifice of all of those who served during the essential conflicts of our nation's history through a beautiful memorial is one excellent way to help pay tribute for the freedoms we so love today. Over the past few years, many organizations have started to begin the process of creating monuments that give back to the community and celebrate the service of those who died during the Civil War, World War I, World War II, and even the Vietnam and Korean Wars. With a number of important anniversaries coming up for each of these conflicts, a memorial may be the perfect way to help etch the names of these service members in the hearts and minds of people for generations to come.

Whether you're a university alumni association, a local chamber of commerce, a Lion's Club, or something completely different, we can help with this important project. It's a great way to contribute. Moreover, it may offer your organization a number of fundraising opportunities in the coming years.

We'll be happy to handle all of the background research necessary for your memorial. We offer extensive research on any veterans who gave their lives during the conflict you wish to honor. Your memorial will be the perfect way to thank those who gave their lives to ensure we remain secure and free today.

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