Create Media So Immersive, Fans Can’t Look Away

Is your project the next Hamilton or Downton Abbey? Get the Details You Need to Captivate.


Do you remember the last time you couldn’t stop hitting “next episode”?


Or sitting in silence at the end of a documentary, torn from your reality and immersed in a human story so real…you felt completely transported?


We help film and media creators make these moments happen.


Now more than ever, people crave media experiences that move them through rich worlds and compelling stories. Fan favorites like The Crown, Vikings, and even the medieval-inspired Game of Thrones have media companies racing to produce the next big hit.


There’s a reason Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and HBO are sinking millions into independent documentaries and scripted television series. When fans find something they love? The returns on merchandising, tourism, and social media are HUGE.


What’s the secret to creating the next Hamilton or Mercury 13?


Or- even just creating great museum media to showcase your town’s historical importance?


The answer is this:


Immerse your viewers in compelling stories told through laser-focus detail.


Great historical details draw in die-hard fans and captivate new viewers. Whether you’re creating a detailed documentary for niche WW2 enthusiasts or setting the scene for period fiction, you need details to create truly immersive media.


Why spend time making sure your scripts, screenplays, costuming, and locations are accurate?


Here’s what great details can do for your next project:


  • Create Rich Environments


The decadent costuming of a Tudor-era court. The raw emotion of an underground bunker. The singular breathlessness of that first launch into space.


Humans are drawn to the stories of our past.


Give your viewers the details they need to connect with their own story and lose themselves in your next production.


  • Engage Your Viewers


Great details give your characters life and keep viewers on the edge of their seats to the very end.


Whether you are creating a true-to-life historical work or a fictional drama with period touches, good details make it easy to create characters your viewers just can’t let go.


  • Drive Deep Emotional Narratives


Discovering our past is thrilling- but only if we have the details framing it to our modern lives.


When you have a solid historical framework for your project, it’s easy to convey the nuances of a bygone era through subtle scripting, brilliant set design, and seamless structure.


You want to create great media. The kind that captivates viewers, season after season. That’s where we come in.


Our team digs deep into government archives, academic journals, and even non-digital sources to bring you what you need to create your next project.


Whether you are looking to fill in a few quick details or want a full portfolio of information for your team to cross reference during design and production, we scale our work to the size of your project.


Already through development? Looking for an outside eye to catch the mistakes that take away from your work? Let us review your script or screenplay with historical accuracy in mind! Our team can alert you to inaccuracies that can disconnect your viewers before launch.


We specialize in:


Screenplay editing and revisions

In-depth project research for documentaries

Costume consultation, review, and outsourcing of costuming production

And full research support for movie, film, and television


Ready to get started?


Samantha was very well informed of how to navigate research in the National Archives and communicated thoroughly throughout the process. Her base knowledge of our subject (Indian Adoption Project) helped maximize search results within a short window of time. She worked efficiently in her search and negotiated fairly when outside delays and complications arose. I highly recommend hiring Samantha.

Drew Nicholas
Blood Memory Documentary


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