Lineage Society Research

Discovering you are related to a Revolutionary War patriot, a Civil War soldier, or even a Jamestown colonist can mean you've struck genealogical gold, but it may also have another real benefit - membership in one of the world's most elite lineage societies.

From the Daughters of the American Revolution to the Mayflower Society, becoming a member of one of these organizations is truly an honor, and the benefits are immense. You have the chance to connect with others who have a heritage just like yours, and there's often an opportunity for scholarships, as well as access to records that are only open to members.

Get Application Help Now

Because these societies are so exclusive, though, the applications can often be trying and confusing. Let us help. Our extensive research experience means you won't have to worry about how to show the connections from generation to generation or even find the right paperwork to send in. We understand the nuances of these applications, and we'll be happy to help you obtain the records you need.

Our services include:

  • Application preparation using the latest forms provided by your chosen lineage society.
  • Collation of and labeling of proof documents in accordance with lineage society standards.
  • Research to establish lineal descent (where required).
  • Transcription and abstracts of all handwritten documents as well as tombstone photographs.

There are additional charges for photocopies or certified copies of proof documents, travel expenses if research is required outside the 30-mile radius of our home office, and bond paper needed for your application papers.

Before We Can Begin . . .

Before we can get started, we will need copies of vital records for the first three generations, as the statute of limitations on many of these records means they are no longer available publically. While we can guide you through the process of obtaining these documents, we are typically unable to submit the paperwork on your behalf.

Please note that we do not guarantee that the application we prepare will be accepted by the lineage society of your choice, as many different factors are considered when reviewing the application itself. Unless compelling research is offered to show that the service of some patriots is acceptable, many lineage societies consider some ancestors to be "closed." In some cases, additional information will be necessary when an application is rejected. We will always conduct a full examination of the records to ensure the proof documents we provide are as accurate as possible, but it's not always possible to prove a lineage due to record loss or data inaccuracies.

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