Your Next Award-Winning Historical Exhibit Begins Here.


Finding and implementing great research gets tricky when it comes to creating engaging exhibits.


Why? Because facts and figures are only part of the solution. They alone won’t supply the compelling story you need to create a top-tier historical attraction.


What you need is content that engages across different audiences, ages, social divisions, and interests to create compelling narratives that tie the history of your site to the challenges of today.


Looking for informed strategies and brilliant execution of your site’s history? SJR Research has over 15 years of experience in developing creative and engaging content for museums, historical sites, and cultural institutions.


We support you through:


  • Preparation of Grant Applications
  • Archival Processing
  • Records Management Services
  • Creation of Archival Finding Aids
  • Digitization of Historical Records/Photographs
  • Museum/ Site Interpretation and Education
  • Collections Inventories
  • Assessments for Museums and Historic Sites
  • Conservation Planning for Collections
  • Exhibit + Museum Program Development
  • Stunning Informative Signage
  • And more.


When you’re ready to create historical experiences that resonate through generations, contact our team to make it happen.