International Military Record Research

Understanding an ancestor's military service can often be an important key to your history, and military service was often required of most young men throughout the world. The military records in many countries provide your ancestor's birthplace or at least his place of residence when he entered the service, the names of his parents and/or his spouse, his age at the time of service, his physical description, his rank, any promotions he received, and his military service record. Some even include his occupation during his time of service.

As with many international records, though, few of these are actually indexed, and they are tough to get in some cases. Let us help you unlock this important key to your past.

An Important Distinction

There are often two different types of records we can uncover. In some cases, the military service occurred before emigration. These records can be invaluable to your family history research if you know the country of origin. For example, thousands of rolls of Austrian Empire records have been placed on microfilm, including 673 rolls of individual muster sheets. Imagine the wealth of knowledge that kind of information could bring to your family history research.

To access these kinds of records, you often have to know a soldier's regiment. Sometimes other family history documents can help you identify that information or there are typically other references out there that may be helpful.

The other type of record that is quite common is that of the individual who emigrated during his military service. Many settled in a new country during or right after they served, and local histories in certain places may actually identify immigrants as soldiers of another country. These, too, can be a very helpful addition to your family history research.

Let us provide you with the help you need to access these important records. Contact us today for more information.