If Walls Could Talk- What Would YOUR Home Say?


The historic home market is back. Gen X’ers and Millennials are in love with homes that have history.


From big city Manhattan to small town Edwardsville, Il, home buyers are looking for something beyond the 6,000 sq ft suburban mansion or a modern penthouse development.


They want something more.


They want a story.


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You know the pride of adding your legacy to a home’s unique heritage. You love the feeling of being part of something that extends before and beyond yourself.


Is it time to tell your home’s story?


Whether you’ve inherited the home your great grandparents built, or have just moved into your dream home, we can help you uncover your property’s stunning past.


How? We offer three home and property research services, spanning from a curiosity-fueling one-page synopsis to fully researched, printed and heirloom bound publications that pull together the details of your property’s past.


Our research includes:


  • A detailed overview of your neighborhood and its history
  • Who lived in your home- when they moved in, were married, and the story of their lives.
  • News and Media surrounding your home, including notable articles and obituaries.
  • Any available archival photos of your house, those who lived there, and the neighborhood surrounding you.




Schedule a consult call with our research team here or check out our packaged services below.

Real Estate Report


Selling your home? Help buyers fall in love with your property’s story using our Real Estate Report!


Our team will put together a 10-15 page PDF with a brief summary of your home’s history, a listing of past owners from construction to present, archival photos (if available), and interesting facts to draw in potential buyers.


Add color to your listing with a story only you can tell for a flat fee of $500.


Does your real estate agency specialize in historic properties? Contact us for bulk pricing!


Researcher’s Portfolio Package


If only walls could talk!


Preparing your property for a historic home tour? Have a burning curiosity on your home’s past? The Researcher’s Portfolio is the perfect a birds-eye view of your home’s story.


With this package, you’ll receive a 30-40 page soft-cover book on your property including:


  • Property specifics such as age, location, and original ownership
  • Construction history and notable additions
  • A look into the lives of former residents
  • Notable media, news articles, and obituaries that bring color to your property’s past
  • Neighborhood history and an overview of how your property fits into a broader story


You’re book will be laid out chronological, professionally formatted and printed in your choice of either modern or heirloom design style. Please allow 2 months for our team to turn their exacting research into your beautifully finished book.


Nothing feels better than having a great story to share. Let our team give you the resources you need to get started!


Prices starting at $2400 for Pennsylvania and Maryland properties. Contact our team for other geographical locations around the world.


Keepsake Coffee Table Publication


A beautiful narrative you and your family will enjoy for generations!


Perfect for historic home enthusiasts, our Home Story Publication package turns comprehensive research into rich, real-life history through beautiful, shareable design.


In addition to the research included in our Researcher’s Portfolio Package, our team will dig deep into the land ownership of your property starting as far back as the Colonial era. Plus, our research and content is fully customizable. Add oral history research, personal stories and photographs, search for descendants of notable owners or famous visitors, and more to add color to your narrative.


Our Keepsake Home Story Publications are delivered in both Print and Digital format.


With this package, you’ll receive:


  • 50+ (upwards of 150) page book-formatted PDF of comprehensive research, collected and edited into a cohesive narrative
  • Choice of either modern or heirloom-style design
  • One printed copy in large 11” x 13” hardcover (inquire for additional copy pricing)
  • Delivered to you or your loved one in presentation packaging.


Please allow 12-18 months for our team to turn their exacting research into your beautifully finished book.


This one-of-a-kind gift is perfect for new home buyers, preservation enthusiasts, and family heirloom properties. Let our team create the perfect history publication to tell your home’s story today!


Prices starting at $7,500 for Pennsylvania and Maryland properties. Contact our team for other geographical locations around the world.


Looking for something more? If you’re a true history fan or represent a historic home society, our team specializes in deep neighborhood and property research. Large projects welcome! Schedule a time to talk with us here.