General Genealogical Research

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Whether you've just started your family history research and you could use a bit of help with a tangle you can't seem to sort out or you need a full family tree with documentation, we can help. With a variety of packages and pricing options to meet your needs, as well as gift certificates that make an ideal present for that someone special in your life, SJR Research can bring you the data you need from millions of records on a worldwide basis.

Expert, Personalized Services

We use as much information as possible to ensure you get the answers you're searching for, and from local repositories to private collections available only at local archives, our expert services make use of some of the newest technologies while still understanding the importance of the oldest records in the business.

While we specialize in information from the mid-Atlantic states including Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., New York, Virginia, and West Virginia, our expert researchers have also handled research throughout the U.S. as well as internationally. Even if the mystery of your story requires a bit of travel, SJR Research can help.

Using only reliable, sourced information, we offer affordable services, quick turnaround times, and routine updates, so you'll always understand what's going on with your project. Unlike many of those automated companies online, you get a customized package designed to provide you with a final product that few other companies can.

While the scope of our project is based on your individual needs, you can always expect a detailed report of the research performed as well as all of the findings we uncovered. We include copies or extracts of the relevant records used during the process, as well as pedigree, ancestral, and/or descendant charts as appropriate to the project and a full citation of the source material we've used.

Take a moment to choose the package that best meets your needs, and then contact us for a free consultation.

Fixed Price

We offer a fixed price package option or an hourly research option to help better meet your needs. Both make great gift ideas for anyone on your list. Not sure which might work out best? Consider our gift certificate options! Contact us now for more information on any of these choices.

Fixed Price Packages

One surname/ Line investigation - $600
Two surname/ Line investigation - $1200
Three surname/ Line investigation - $1800*
Four surname/ Line investigation - $2400*

Fixed price packages will trace the requested number of surnames as far as records allow. During the course of our investigation, we will:

  • Carefully evaluate your research objectives and any prior family history research.
  • Provide you with electronic images of all documents including census records, probate orders, deeds, military records, and more.
  • Create a beautiful presentation binder that includes paper copies of the pertinent records, a research and findings summary report, and recommendations for further research.

Your package price includes document photocopies, travel to and from local research facilities (Within a 90 mile radius. If the distance is greater, the federal mileage rate (currently $.55/mile) is charged.)*, and postage if paper copies are requested. If additional documentation is required to meet research objectives, the first $25 in document fees is included. Additional costs are deducted from the amount of research time necessary during the course of the project.

A 50% deposit is required to get started. The balance is due upon project completion. Three and four surname projects can be paid for in four easy installments. Ordering more than one family line at a time? Receive 25% off the second family line package.

Hourly Research Packages

Often genealogical research projects have complex goals involved, and our hourly research packages are ideal in these situations. Billed at an hourly rate, each package involves an initial overview of the project's goals with periodic evaluations and adjustments as needed. Costs are $60 per hour and expenses. These packages do require an initial retainer fee of four hours or $240.

Gift Certificates

Need a great gift idea? Consider the gift of history. Whether you're looking for a unique Mother's Day option or you need something he will really enjoy this holiday season, a piece of history you can treasure forever is always the right idea.

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