General Research and Fact-Checking

Working on your most recent novel? Creating a proposal for a big meeting, but you need a little research assistance? We can help. With research and fact checking services that offer a level of quality you just can't find these days, with us, you'll always find the individual attention you deserve at a price that fits within your budget.

No matter what the project, we can help!

Whether you're looking for fact-checking services for your novel, memoir, or biography, you're working a historical project, or you're trying to double check things for an article, dissertation, thesis, or a simple brochure, we can help. We even provide services for those working on plays, short stories, web pages, reports, and much more. We fact-check your documents for the accuracy of scientific facts, historical facts, biographical facts, statistics, published data, names, titles, addresses, dates, URLs, and even bibliographical entries for your sources. What's more, though, is that we'll cross-reference things to make certain you have the level of internal consistency you need, too.

Need Research? We Handle that Too!

Our services, though, aren't just about fact-checking. We can also help with your general research needs. From literature reviews to focus groups to articles and studies within the world of academia, we'll be right here to put in the hours you need. We also help with book proposals, the background research for a variety of book genres, PowerPoint presentations, speeches, content development for your site, and conference papers. Our research work extends to corporations as well. We'll be happy to provide value-added research for corporations, the research necessary for contract proposals, or information for government and other corporate reports. Additionally, we can provide a turnkey statistical analysis component few others can. We'll design the data collection process at the outset, then input, organize, and clean the data. We can implement the statistical analyses, interpret the results, and map out the implications for your strategy. We'll even provide syntax and the raw output file and explain the results to you over the phone or by email. Our prices always include unlimited email and phone support to ensure you fully understand the results. If you want us to plug them into a PowerPoint presentation, we'll be happy to handle that task as well. In fact, we'll provide you with full support until the project is complete.

Please note that prices are calculated on the type of research involved. We'll be happy to discuss the details of your project and provide a quote.

Completed information was well organized and clear, even when exploring complex situations. Samantha was very pleasant to deal with and everything was completed in a timely manner. If I need further research I will definitely contact Samantha again!
Lori Manteca, California