The Information You Need- On Budget, On Time.

Loose Ends? Dead Ends?

Sometimes You Just Need a Second Set of Eyes.

We can help!


It’s your thesis. Your memoir. Or the biggest corporate project proposal of your career.


You’ve invested your time into making your project the best. That means this: It’s too important to leave the facts to chance.


We’ve all been there. After hours behind the screen, it’s easy to slip up.


Don’t let typos or misinformed Wikipedia articles damage your project. Our team of research experts give you the help you need to make your work shine.


And the best part?


Our team of experts are available hourly. This means you aren’t stuck with big project packages stuffed with work you don’t need. Whether you’re looking for a simple piece of data or expert copy-editing on your dissertation, we can quote you an hourly price that fits your style and budget.


Is hiring our team hourly right for you?


Great question.


We offer packages and service options for Genealogy Research, Film + Media, Game Developers, and Corporate History Publications.


But what if the data you need is more specific? Or what if you just need an extra set of eyes to help you double check your facts?


Hiring our team by hour is great if you need:


Historical Data + Statistical Analysis: Our experts can find the data you need- and help you understand it.


We don’t just hand you a binder of numbers. We clean data to help you and your team better understand what it means, turning your projects into powerful communication tools


Translation Services: Finally understand your raw research in your native tongue!

Our team can translate standard genealogical and land records, as well as newspaper articles, family letters and recipes, and more.


Expert-Level Fact-Checking: Don’t let one bad fact can discredit years of work.

Our expert team can fact-check for historical, biographical, scientific, and statistical data. What’s more? We can cross-reference your project internally to make sure your have professional-level consistency throughout.


Our researchers are available at $60hr, with a minimum retainer of eight service hours.


Ready to talk details? Schedule a consult call here to speak with our team directly.