Looking for Your Past? DNA Kits Only Go So Far.

Unlock the mysteries of your ancestry with in-depth genealogical research.

What’s your story?


There’s never been a better time to find out.


Shows like Finding Your Roots and Who Do You Think You Are? spark our imagination. And 23andMe,, and National Geographic’s Geno? They’ve given us easier access to our genealogy than ever before.


But DNA kits can only take you so far.


Tests aren’t always accurate. Corporate databases fall short of untangling crisscrossed family trees. And complicated privacy policies leave you wondering “So, what exactly are these companies doing with my DNA?”


The good news is this: Your family story is out there.


If your research has come to a dead end or the thought of handing over your genetic makeup makes you feel uncomfortable, we can help. No matter how wild your family tree, our team can untangle it.


We specialize in ancestry research. And we guarantee accuracy- and privacy- no matter the size of your project.


Want to know more?


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Our services include:


Application Research: Applying for a historic society? VA burial benefits? Dual citizenship? Let us collect, copy, and organize the information you need to make the application process easy.


House + Property: Buying, selling, or inheriting a historic home? Discover the story behind your property!


Create Your Own Family History Publication: We create heirloom-quality publications from your family’s history using extensive genealogical research, oral history, photography, and more! Available in shareable, digital formatting or beautiful print. Learn more here!


General Genealogical Research: Are there missing puzzle pieces in your family history? Want to find a burial site? Looking for a lost record? We can help.


Corporate Genealogy Gifting + Leadership Building: Looking for a dynamic gift to give your company’s top performers? Want to leverage your team’s diversity to build real connections and increase performance? Click here to learn more about how we can use your staff’s individual history to build your company’s future through our full line of Corporate Genealogy Services.


Samantha gave me more than I expected. It was not easy, but she kept her word and dug deeper. I am very pleased with her end product and will reach out to her at a later date to hire her again. She gave us many answers to family questions that have kept us guessing for over 100 years. Thank you!

SUSAN, California



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