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Create Games So Real, No One Can Stop Playing.

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Do you remember the first time you got lost in a game?


The first time you were so immersed, you just couldn’t pull yourself away?


There’s a reason successful gaming legacies have insider jokes like ‘Wait…Just…One…More…Turn”.


Sid Meier, Victor Kislyi, Tony Goodman…


Their secret?


Tiny details that create whole worlds no player wants to leave.


The greatest mistake a developer can make is not getting those details right. Especially when it comes to historical accuracy. Why?


Great historical details draw-in diehard fans who want to be a part of the stories they love. Those same details captivate newcomers with true-to-life action and create fulfilling experiences they just can’t leave.


If your goal is to create five-star games, you need details that drive the right experiences for your players.


Wonder why it matters?


Here’s what accurate historical details do for your game:


Create Rich Environments.


The guiding systems of a Soviet submarine. The decorative flair of a Revolutionary General. A pre-Columbian map of a lost jungle empire.


Humans are natural explorers. And history? The ultimate discovery.


Successful developers use historical details to create immersive worlds that give players the power to connect with our past and creatively change the future.


Drive Deep Narrative.


Great narrative turns NPCs into nerd-pop icons.


But first- your players have to want to learn more about your world.


Using history’s most memorable and infamous characters, even as a jumping off point for fictional NPCs, is an easy way to create a world your players want to explore.


Engage Your Players.


Why spend time developing a five-star game if your players rush-through, never to pick it up again?


Give your game the kind of details that engage your players and create a resonant world they want to spend time in.


Make Challenges Real.


History is full of high-stakes challenges that have forced ordinary people to think quickly and creatively.


What better way to create fun, adrenaline-fueled challenges for your players than to draw inspiration from real-world situations?


You’re looking to create a five-star game. The kind that gets released again and again. A game that players demand expansions for because they can’t get enough of it.


That’s where we step in. Details are our specialty.


Our team digs deep into government archives, academic journals, and even non-digital sources to bring you what you need to create your next five-star game.


Whether you are looking to fill in a few quick details or want a full portfolio of information for your team to cross reference during design, we scale our work to the size of your project.


Already through development? Looking for an outside eye to catch the mistakes that take away from your work? Let us review your game! Our team can alert you to inaccuracies that can hiccup gameplay and degrade user experience before you launch.


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