Building the Future with the Respect to the Past

We Help You Leverage Your Cultural Resources for Project Success.


City planners, private developers, and tourism organizations approach us everyday with the same question: how do we engineer the future to respect the past?


Committee debate and litigation over management plans can hold projects up for years, costing you not only time but millions in lost revenue. On the other hand, moving forward without historical data puts your project and reputation at risk from poor execution.


But it doesn’t have to be this way. We believe the future doesn’t need to be at odds with preservation.


Now more than ever, stakeholders are vested in the rich cultural assets of their communities. And with social media connecting us at the speed of light, there has never been a more important time to invest in the understanding of your site’s past.


Detailed site management plans, architectural history, and excavation support is key to unlocking the critical permits, private and federal funds, and future resources your organization needs to succeed.


That’s where we come in. At SJR Research, we provide expert support to back your project and protect your organization’s reputation. We set projects up for success starting from day one. How? By helping your organization create winning long-term strategies backed by rigorous historical research.


Want to know more?


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Our services include:


Architectural History + Historical Preservation: Safety and development concerns surrounding significant structures can be at odds with the architectural history of a community. Let us help you create a plan that bridges the gap, showing you how to preserve history even if a structure is no longer restorable. Learn how here.


Interpretive Planning: Is your museum, historical site, or cultural institution looking for a fresh approach? Our team creates plans that make the most of your budget and finally get the engagement you want.


Cultural Heritage Support: Our team of heritage specialists can help you minimize regulatory, reputational, and material risks with support to your project goals.


Cemetery Evaluation + Excavation: We understand the difficulties involved balancing land development with respect to burial. We specialize in Unanticipated Discovery Plans that support the excavation and recovery of human remains endangered by infrastructure development.


Geographic Information Support: Leverage our firm’s extensive geographic data to identify upfront project constraints before you invest. More on how we provide project support through cartographic modeling, map overlays, geostatistics, and other services here.


Archaeology: Get expert archaeological investigation through strategies designed to exceed local, state, and federal compliance. Learn how SJR Research oversees archaeological projects here.


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