Is Your Organization Prepared For The Future?


Your organization’s unique cultural heritage defines your future success.




By creating the backbone on which your stakeholders, visitors, investors, and partners build toward your mission. Without a strong interpretation of your cultural heritage and a plan to preserve its significance, progress stalls and the longevity of your organization is put at risk.


We help cultural heritage organizations achieve long-term security through detailed management plans that make it easy to adjust to environmental, economic, and social changes.


Secure your future. Enlist our team of historical and business experts to create a generational plan for your organization.


Services include:


  • Strategies on Scope, Budget, and Staffing of Cultural Heritage Projects
  • Desktop Studies, Risk Assessments, and Predictive Modeling
  • Incorporation of Cultural Heritage into domestic (NEPA) and international (ESIA, EIA) impact assessments
  • Provision of Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMP) and incorporation of cultural heritage management into environmental and social management plans
  • Preparation of Chance Finds Procedures (CFPs) and management of archaeological monitoring or watching brief programs
  • Integration of cultural heritage into corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities
  • Stakeholder engagement and consultation with regulators/national authorities, local experts, and Indigenous Peoples
  • Cultural heritage baseline surveys, resource evaluation, and site mitigation to obtain approvals from relevant authorities
  • GIS data management of cultural heritage resources
  • Incorporation of specialty heritage studies (remote sensing, maritime cultural heritage surveys, historic structures assessments) into impact assessments


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