Create A Dynamic Corporate Culture By Leveraging the Diversity of Your Team’s Genealogy. Here’s How.


Do you dream of a corporate culture that…


…attracts industry top talent…


…outperforms competitors in both creativity and revenue, quarter after quarter…


…and is recognized industry-wide as a dynamic leader in your field?


You know that teams who feel connected, valued, and recognized for their individual contributions outperform on every benchmark. But creating meaningful connections? It isn’t easy.


All too often, companies struggle to leverage the unique talents of their staff and miss out on the benefits of having a dynamic corporate culture.


Why? Because most corporate programs are one-size-fits all.


If the mention of “team building” sends your office into hiding, then you already know you can’t tap into individual talents with a cookie-cutter approach. You need a tool that reaches your staff on a personal level and creates lasting, authentic connections.


The good news? You already have what you need. Let us help you unlock it with our corporate genealogy programs.


Unlock Decades of Growth With The Experts At SJR Research


Companies lose thousands every year on team building retreats, embarrassing after-hours mixers, and meaningless holiday gifts that end up in the trash by February.


If you want to attract, build, and show your appreciation for top performers- the answer isn’t another awkward holiday party or commemorative desk trophy. No. You need something tailored to your team that taps individual narratives and connects people to your mission.


That’s where we come in. Our genealogy experts create incredible custom experiences that give your team pride in their past, give meaning to your mission, and inspire loyalty as you grow. Whether you’re looking for a truly unique gift for a single staff member or a full-scale experience for your Fortune 500 company, we help you celebrate your diversity and bring people together through genealogical exploration.


We offer:


  • Corporate Genealogy Gift Packages: Show your appreciation and reward top performers with something they’ll enjoy for years to come: a look into their personal genealogy. Unlike box-sites like 23andMe or, our experts trace lineage using document research. That means no lab tests, spitting in tubes, or potential privacy issues.


We offer tiered packages tailored to the size of your team and the depth of research- with both digital and gift-packaged print portfolios available.


  • Team-Wide Genealogical Experiences: Talk to our experts about your team dynamics and let us create a custom experience designed around your goals. We can use genealogy to help you
    • Promote pride in diversity
    • Connect international partners
    • Build dynamic connections with remote workers
    • And more.


Ready to start? Schedule a consult call with our experts here to discover our complete line of corporate genealogy programs.