Respectful Cemetery Excavation, Recovery, and Relocation


When we bury our loved ones, we want to believe we’ve given them peace for centuries to come. Unfortunately, natural disasters, environmental shifts, and growing infrastructure needs put our ancestors’ resting place at risk.


The team at SJR research understands the delicate balance between respecting the past and the future. This is why we consider our cemetery-related services among our most important offerings.


Our cemetery excavation clients have included state agencies, public and private clients from both the energy and transportation sectors, and private development companies. We also have experience in creating and implementing Unanticipated Discovery Plans in a wide variety of settings, from utility services to housing developments.


If your project involves the excativation, recovery, or relocation of a public or private cemetery endangered by infrastructure or environmental changes, consult our team first.


Our Services Include:


  • Emergency Excavations
  • Cemetery Identification & Mapping
  • Human Remains Identification & Analysis
  • Analysis of Mortuary Artifacts & Features
  • Genealogical Studies
  • Community Planning
  • Environmental/Archaeological Studies related to Future Cemetery Impacts