Constructing the Future with the Respect to the Past


Every year, municipalities miss out on millions in lost revenue as unsalvageable properties are caught between development and preservation.




Community groups fight to preserve the cultural heritage of their city, but often lack the understanding of how, or even if, a building can be saved. Municipalities are hesitant to allow developers to repurpose or demolition a building that may have architectural significance, but understand the need for progress.


The result: areas sorely in need of infrastructure are held back by lack of communication and direction.


That’s where the team at SJR Research can help. As third party experts, we help developers and communities evaluate the significance of architectural assets and create solutions that preserve history while laying the foundation for their future success.


We provide full architectural site histories using site plans, photographic documentation, architectural analysis and description, comprehensive archival searches, and more. Whether you need the resources to create compelling tourism campaigns and apply for preservation status- or want to honor the history of a site that cannot be avoided by development- we can help.


Our Architectural History Services Include:


  • Reconnaissance + intensive-level historic resources surveys
  • Cultural landscapes inventories and reports (CLI/CLR)
  • Archival research
  • Field survey and photo documentation (including large format, film, and digital)
  • Historic American Building Survey/Historic American Engineering Record/Historic American Landscape Survey (HABS/HAER/HALS) documentation (public spaces, cemeteries, railroads, historic road sections, battlefields etc.)
  • National, state, and local register nominations
  • National Register Multiple Property Documentation / Historic District Nomination
  • Historic American Landscape Surveys (public spaces, cemeteries, railroads, historic road sections, battlefields etc) NHR Nomination
  • Coastal Heritage Site Preservation
  • Historic structures reports (HSR)
  • Section 106, Section 110, Section 4(f) and NEPA (EA/EIS) Compliance
  • NAGPRA/THPO Correspondence and evaluation.
  • Federal and State Consultation/Preparation for Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit
  • Preservation planning
  • Mitigation planning
  • Memoranda of Agreement (MOA) preparation
  • Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) preparation
  • Programmatic Agreement (PA) preparation
  • Cultural Resource Management Plans (CRMP) or Historic Property Management Plans
  • Historic Property Assessment (damage)
  • Community Engagement/Public Preservation/ Community History/Heritage Tourism Development including Economic impact studies


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