Create the Strongest Foundation for Your Future.


Countless historical sites have been damaged, destroyed, or lost because of inexpert excavation. The truth is this: You only get one opportunity to uncover, record, and preserve a historical site.


You don’t want to become the next bad example of botched excavation.


The future of your development’s success, the safety of your team, and your organization’s reputation are too important to leave to chance. Through the coordination of modern technologies and a high-level professional team, we custom tailor your complete archeological investigation with a full-scope approach.


Each Archaeological Investigation Plan is completed in a laser-focused, phased approach:


Phase One: Detailed Area Assessment: Using remote sensing, GIS and advanced surveying techniques, we uncover important details regarding the area of interest to provide a better perspective on how to best approach your project.


Phase Two: Identification + Recordation of Significant Archaeological Resources: It’s not easy to know what pieces are critical for future research. Our team of experts identify potential significant resources and professionally record them to engineer the best possible plan for recovery.


Phase Three: National Registry Testing + Assessment: We specialize in identifying which resources will be eligible for the National Registry and how your site will be impacted.


Phase Four: Risk Assessment + Mitigation: Understand your options for excavation, development, or avoidance to reduce regulatory, reputational, and financial risks and create a plan of action.


Our Archaeological Services Include:


  • Native American Consultation
  • SHPO Consultation
  • FERC Consultation
  • Artifact Processing & Curation
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Remote Sensing
  • Geoarchaeology
  • Traditional Cultural Property Documentation


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