Applying for dual citizenship? Want to join the Mayflower Society? We make it easy.


DNA kits and are a great start…but you want to tap the real benefits of your lineage. That’s where these sites fall short. You need more than what they can provide to make the most of your ancestry.


The problem is this: Applications for dual citizenship? Historical societies? VA applications for burial benefits?


They are confusing. And overwhelming.


You’ll need more than your 23andMe results and your family’s period cookbook to get into the Daughters of the Revolution.


That’s where we step in.


We save you time by making sure you or your loved one is eligible for lineage benefits and helping you create an application with the best chance of acceptance.


Let our experts take care of:


  • The research you need to prove military service, establish lineal descent, and all the misc. paperwork you need to apply
  • Labeling and proofing all documents so your application is submitted right- the first time
  • Full application consultation, preparation, and proofing


Whether you are applying for a lineage society… requesting headstones, markers, or medallions from Veteran’s Affairs…or seeking dual citizenship- we can help.


Click here to schedule a free consult call to talk about your application goals.