Everyone has a story. Here’s Ours.



Every day, our team connects people through shared stories. That’s the power of history.


Just like you, SJR Research has a story, too.


It began in 2005 when Samantha Rife opened the doors of SJR Research in the heart of Gettysburg.  There was no more perfect place to start than surrounded by the rich history of our country. Her vision? To help others discover their story and use it to enrich their lives today.


Founder Rife fell in love with history as she researched her own family’s genealogy at the age of 12. From then on, she immersed herself in it, not just with her educational path but also filling her free time with Civil War reenactments and founding a company specializing in historical costuming.


SJR Research is the culmination of a lifetime of passion, education, and commitment.


Over the last decade, Rife has grown SJR Research into a dynamic team of the country’s most experienced experts in the fields of research, journalism, design, corporate strategy, and historical archiving.


We love using our expertise to find your missing pieces, to create powerful narratives, and to bring people together through the stories of their past. Whether you’re filling in your family tree or creating a milestone presentation to celebrate your company’s legacy, we can help.


Discover more about what we do- and how we can help you make the most of your story- through our services here, visit our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.