At SJR Research, your history is more than a string of dates or a file of dusty records. Our experts harness the stories of your past to create compelling connections to the present day. Since 2005, our team has equipped enterprise-level corporations to genealogy hobbyists with the knowledge they need to turn their past into legacy-level narrative. Whether you’re looking for a few details to fill in your family tree or expert historical consultation for your next award-winning production, we can help.

SJR Research is an SBA certified women-owned small business (WOSB) & economically disadvantaged women-owned small business (EDWOSB)./


Genealogical Research

Tangled family tree? Too many mysteries clouding your ancestry? Our team is here to help. We fill the gaps in your own research and provide privacy-focused services to support your project needs. Let us format your family tree into an heirloom-quality gift, be your guide for historical society applications, and more. Our experts dive deep into the records to find the answers you need today.

Military + Naval + Maritime Historical Research

Finding and implementing great research gets tricky when it comes to detail-driven military projects. With SJR Research, we turn clear data into compelling narrative history that inspires across audiences. Use your military history to inspire, we’ll show you how.

Corporate History

Your corporate history is a powerful tool that deepens relationships with your customers, brings pride to your staff, and creates a strong identity as you move into the future. Let our team help you leverage your legacy. Our publications, archiving, and history-focused marketing tailored to get you the results you want. Learn more here.

Film + Media Research

Working on your next award-winning documentary or binge-worthy historical fiction drama? Our team can help you create media so captivating your viewers can’t stop watching. How? By giving you the details you need to turn casual browsers into super fans. From screenplay creation, to costuming, to final review, SJR Research can bring immersive accuracy to your project every step of the way.

Game Research

Are you a video or PC game creator? Turn your next release into the next best-seller with our expert team at SJR Research. From creating unique portfolios of historically-accurate information for your design team, to mapping out ancient to modern-era battles, to unlocking detailed military equipment specs, when you need true-to-life detail we’re here for you. Get rave reviews on your next release from die-hard fans and newcomers alike- we’ll show you how.

General Research + Fact Checking

SJR Research provides support for projects at every size and level. Our team is adept at historical statistical analysis, fact finding and thesis review, document translation services, and more. Get professional-level results with access to our specialized team available by the hour.

Cultural Resource Management

From site development to museum experiences, we help companies, NPOs, and government agencies create and implement successful strategies that build the future while preserving the past. See what our team can do to help you reduce risk, manage unexpected discoveries, and make the most of your cultural resources.

National Defense Policy Research

Facts and figures alone won’t create the compelling narrative you need to support the life-altering policy changes you champion- or create the challenges you need to test the effectiveness of your team. We provide expert-level historical support to government entities looking to bring the best to table. Find out how here.